Spring Bedding

We certainly need some spring bedding to brighten up these persistent dismal wet spring days! In between showers, which on the bright side makes the soil perfect for planting.

Pansies, Polynathus & Violas

Treat your garden to colourful polyanthus and spring flowering pansies or violas as they will all withstand the most brutal of spring conditions. They will certainly make a difference to brightening your garden while we wait patiently for the warmer weather.  If you can’t bear being out in the garden in these conditions use pots and planters which you can plant up under cover then place where you can see them from a window or in front of the entrance. Their bright happy faces will certainly cheer you up and help you to believe sunnier days are on their way.

Instant Colour

These versatile and sturdy plants provide your garden with instant colour and require very little attention once planted. Just make sure you keep the soil moist, which frankly is not a problem at the moment! There are so many varieties today including variegated blooms which look stunning and almost unreal.

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