RhododendronsMay is the perfect month for woodland walks where you can witness the breathtaking displays of rhododendrons and azaleas. And, where, if you are lucky, you might just catch the haunting call of the cuckoo.

Interestingly enough, both the cuckoo and the rhododendron have similar reputations. Both are capable of fascinating us. Yet, at times can be an irritant, as they both share the characteristic of being intruders.Rhododendrons

Some horticulturists bemoan the presence of woodland rhododendrons because they soak up the goodness in the soil and often rapidly encroach on surrounding areas.

Woodland Walks in Hampshire

However, here in Hampshire, there is no better place to witness these beautiful spring shrubs and azaleas in all their glory, than in the woodland gardens of Exbury Gardens in the New Forest. It is a world famous collection, which really is a breathtaking sight and not to be missed.


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