Kevin Clare – Garden Designer

KevinClareThe best part of my role is when I leave my clients fired up and excited because that shows they have entrusted me to create the garden they have always wanted.”

Inspiring and motivating clients with his horticulture knowledge and garden design techniques is what Kevin does best. His love of plants began at the early age. As a child, his early attempts at gardening were a great success. Everything he planted thrived including seeds and cutting. This resulted in a fascination with plants, which grew over the years and such was his success – a natural horticulturist was born!

Impressed with his ideas and how he manages to help them see how to make the most of their gardens, his clients often compliment him for coming up with the designs they never thought possible. He is told his knowledge and personal touch give his clients the confidence to believe they can have the garden of their dreams.

Horticultural Expertise

Kevin feels his forte is plants and that sometimes in garden design, hard landscaping gets more attention than the soft landscaping. But unlike many garden designers, Kevin has the horticultural expertise.  This helps him integrate the planting with his designs and help his clients overcome their apprehension about planting schemes.

He happily designs any shape, size or style of gardens, which often include a wide range of plants.  He does have a preference for evergreen shrubs, to provide structural planting and all year round interest. Kevin’s technique is to visualise the garden as an empty space, while retaining elements requested by the client. He then puts forward his thoughts, while at the same time accommodating the preferences of his customer. He will then explain what would work best and why certain design elements work better than others.

While some clients have little idea of what they want and look upon Kevin to provide inspiration, other have fixed ideas. With a wealth of experience, Kevin is always able to accommodate those ideas into a workable scheme. He calls on his expertise and patience to show clients how to get the best from their garden. This exciting process is crucial to help every customer reach the right decision and their dream garden is the result!