Gary Maynard – Garden Designer

GaryMaynardWhen clients say they don’t know what they want it gives me great pleasure to help them solve their garden design problems.”

Gary is exceptionally patient and nothing is too much trouble. His knowledge and skills ensure both the hard and soft landscaping elements of a garden sit harmoniously fit together. He is His trade mark is meticulously planning every little detail of the desired design until it meets the aspirations and lifestyle of the client.

Entertainment & Relaxation

When visiting a garden for the first time Gary will ask where he can find the sunniest spot. He will ask whether seating is required together with entertainment and eating areas. Then he will begin to talk through aspects of the plan to give the client ideas. He says that this approach is useful in helping client’s overcome any initial reservations.  Very often they will express surprise, saying,”Oh! We hadn’t thought of that.” This is Gary’s cue to further develop their ideas in line with his own suggestions. This gives him the material to begin drafting a design on paper.

As another one of our designers who has extensive experience in construction, he is an expert in explaining in simple terms what is achievable. He will explain what hard landscaping aspects might need working through, or adjusting. Gary also has a great love of curves and colour, believing plants play a very important role in helping to soften and shape the aspects of all gardens. He calls plants ‘the clothes of the garden’. When you learn he had 20 year’s experience working in one of England’s finest landscapes, Exbury Gardens, you begin to understand his passion for gardens. And why his horticulture skills are so impressive!