Wildlife in the garden


Wildlife in the Garden

Do you have wildlife in the garden? If not have you thought of buying a bird table or asking advice at your local garden centre about the type of nectar rich plants and shrubs that attract birds and bees? Find out about shrubs that bear berries during the winter months and choose perennials such as sedum and yarrow that carry seed heads after flowering as these can provide a vital food source for birds and insects. Fed up with slugs and snails eating your tender young plants? Make your garden hedgehog friendly and you never need worry again as hedgehogs can eat up to 200grams of insects in one night!

Hedgehogs as their names suggests, live mostly in hedges and in the last decade, their numbers have dropped by an all time low of 25%. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact we tend to put up fences rather than grow hedges in our gardens. You can provide shelter by creating your own natural woodpile if you don’t keep logs for an open fire or even pile up your autumn leaves in a quiet corner of the garden, under which the hedgehogs will happily burrow. There you have it, nothing really complicated is there? So what will you do to encourage extra wildlife into your garden?