Water Features

Water features really bring a garden to life. Water adds sound and movement and can also brighten up awkward spaces. Spaces you do not know what to do with, while they can add focus to an otherwise uninteresting spot. Perhaps where neither plants nor grass will grow? Whether you have a large, small, town or country garden and whatever your tastes you will find something to suit.  There is so much choice today , which includes solar power, which means no installation costs and instant effect! For larger gardens, a pond is a great way to bring wildlife into your garden and on summer days you can watch dragonflies or water boatmen skimming the water!


Contemporary materials are used to create big bold modern designs in stainless steel, granite or resin and are often popular with urban gardens – you only have to visit Chelsea or Hampton Court Flower Shows to witness the extraordinary displays of modern water features. Glass is another medium that is becoming increasingly popular and is often used for water walls.

Stone, Marble, Stainless Steel

The more traditional style of water feature or fountain still tends to be made from stone, marble or a concrete mix and looks good in any garden, urban or country. So once you have your water featured installed and enjoy the extra touch it puts to your garden.