Warmest Day in November for 70 years

warmest-day-in-november-for-70-yearsWe are being told that today is the warmest-day-in-November-for-70-years! For the past few weeks we have been blessed with unseasonally warm weather. How lovely this is for us all – gardeners and non-gardeners alike. If you are a gardener then take advantage of this unusual weather and get planting! The soil conditions are just great and it isn’t too late to plant spring bulbs as well as fruit trees. In fact this is the best time of year for planting fruit trees and bare root hedges . With this warm weather they will settle in very nicely.


In fact, with tulips you can plant well into the New Year. However, probably best not to wait that long as this good weather will decline towards the end of November. There is talk that we will then face harsh temperatures! Some hollies are bearing a prolific show of berries, which is an indication that the winter might be a tough one. In the meantime get planting! The best way to plant your bulbs, especially daffodils, is to grab a handful and just scatter them. Then plant them where they fall to avoid regimented lines. As you dig into the soil remember before you know it their beautiful yellow heads will be popping up above ground.