Specimen Plants

Specimen plants means we do not have to wait  years for trees and shrubs to mature. In this age of instant communications, we can also have instant gardens.

There this is a growing trend. Over recent years more and more of us are seeking to buy mature trees, shrubs and specimen plants. Mature plants and trees can provide your garden with instant screening and hedges. While specimen plants can create extra special effects to a particular area of the garden. Or to enhance some aspect, whether it’s the frontage of your home or on a terrace.


Specimen Plants

The definition of a specimen plant is that it is commanding and mature enough to stand alone. It does not require neighbours and they are used mostly to create a focal point in a garden or to bring attention to a particular area. So when we are talking about specimen plants they are generally well formed and mature.

A great range of quality mature and specimen plants in all shapes and sizes are now available. This includes olive and palm trees, magnolias, ornamental conifers and mature climbing jasmines. In addition there is the unusual and stunning cloud tree, which is a massive bonsai shaped in round ‘clouds’, hence its name. A truly remarkable tree that deserves a special place in your garden.

Also popular for instant screening is the Photinia, or as they are more commonly known ‘Red Robin’ and these make excellent dense hedges with their dark green glossy leaves and new growth in the spring of bright red foliage. If you are looking for something to add interest to your lawn call in to look at the White Weeping Pine with its graceful weeping branches full of soft blue needles. It really does look striking against a wide expanse of lawn.