Plants for Christmas

plants for ChristmasIn these days of high consumerism what do we buy our family and friends. We want to buy something that is not just appealing but also useful. Where do we start? What about plants for Christmas ? There are not many of us who would refuse the gift of a plant. This is whether we have a large or small garden or even if we only have a balcony.

At this time of year its best to go for the berry bearing evergreen shrubs as they will look colourful. Herbaceous plants are out because at this time of year you will only see a stalk (if you are lucky!). Skimmias fit this bill very well as do Virburnums with their glossy leaves and fragrant flower buds of white and pink. These last all winter, followed by ebony berries in the spring. Evergreen Mahonias grace the garden with bright yellow blooms that are also scented. Although Daphnes steal the show with regards to winter scent. You can buy these shrubs already potted and ask your garden centre (or our Garden Design Centre in Titchfield!) to gift wrap – most are obliging these days.

If your elderly relatives – or even youngsters! – do not have any outside space do remember the Christmas Poinsetta – it gives a lovely splash of seasonal red to any room and will last for many months if cared for properly.
You’ll never be at loss as to what to buy ¬†again because it can always be plants for Christmas !