Snip, snip, snip

photiniaOnce the blooms on your evergreen flowering shrubs are over you will need to adopt proper pruning methods. That’s if you want your shrubs to look their best again next year. This applies to both spring flowering shrubs, such as Kerria japonica, Photinia, choisya, and spireas. It also applies to evergreen summer flowering shrubs. There are many other types of shrub, trees and hedges that need a little snip here and there. To help keep them orderly and in shape and this takes a little more forethought.

Clip happily away

One thing to remember is you need to be very careful about nesting birds when pruning hedges. So if in doubt leave well alone until after the nesting time is over, which is the end of July. Yews can be pruned during the summer months and again in the autumn if necessary. Quite simply, it’s a myth that they grow slowly. You can clip happily away at box and privet all summer. If in any doubt, the easiest way to remember is that generally speaking, if it’s evergreen it can be pruned in the summer.