Love Your Lawn

Love your Lawn

image of lawn & cat

If you want a great looking lawn next year now is the time for a proper maintenance routine.   Wait until the ground is moist before you begin then firstly check the turf for thatch. This is a compacted layer of dead grass that prevents the absorption of water and oxygen and you will need to aerate the lawn either with an ordinary garden fork, a special hollow tine fork or a mechanical aerator.

Next use a scarifier, which encourages the turf to produce strong and healthy grasses. Although do not be tempted to over scarify as this will thin out the turf and allow the weeds to have a real party!

It is important to fertilise in the autumn and be certain you choose the right kind and do not use any you may have left over from your spring and summer feeds as these will be high in nitrogen.

Rich in Phosphates

Choose one that is rich in phosphates and potash to encourage root growth and to discourage worm casts, which are very active at this time of year. Finally add a layer of approximately 10-15mm compost mixture of sifted soil and sand that will take out any divots and help the turf to throw out new roots.

As the evenings become a little cooler and the nights draw in, you will find your grass grows more slowly and you can mow a little less frequently on a slightly higher setting. Yes, mow and dream of next spring when your lawn will be lush and green……….