Garden birds Autumn feeding time

RobinCRWe need to begin thinking about feeding our garden birds in preparation for the colder months. Many of us believe we do not need to feed the birds until winter has set in. However, if we put out high energy food now, this will equip our garden birds to cope better with the chilly conditions.

Autumn moult

Feeding now will also help our birds during the ‘autumn moult’. This is when they renew their feathers to help them survive the winter. There are so many products on the market today you can actually tailor feed to attract the birds you would most like to see. A variety of seeds and nuts together with coconut shells, dried mealworms and river shrimps are just some of the tasty treats available.

In fact it is recommended we feed the birds in our garden throughout the year. This is because once birds become used to finding food in our gardens, they will happily return. So during the spring and summer they will eat your more unwelcome guests such as caterpillars, greenfly and snails! You will join 75% of garden owners who believe feeding birds is important.

Hang peanut cages in sheltered positions to avoid attacks by sparrow hawks. While bird tables are suitable for most garden birds, blue tits, goldfinches, greenfinches and sparrows prefer hanging feeders. Raisins, sultanas and apples cut into small pieces will attract songbirds such as thrushes, blackbirds and garden robins, while lard balls are popular with nuthatches.