First real frost

first-real-frostIt’s the first real frost and what a beautiful sight ! The lawn and garden and the surrounding countryside shrouded in a gauzy white coat. This weekend we have had our first real frost of the season. After all the warm weather comes as rather a shock! 

However, its beauty outweighs all thoughts of the cold it brings – for now at least! At least the wind has dropped and we can get in our gardens and sweep up those leaves. Although the frost hardens the soil by mid morning if the temperature rises, the earth will soften. This means we can continue with our winter tidy-ups and our planting or pruning. 
Climbing roses can be pruned now if you haven’t already done so – remember not to get them mixed up with rambling roses that really need pruning in late summer. The simplest way to tell the difference between the two is that climbing roses will bear a second flush of blooms and rambling roses only one.