Looking for a shrub with a difference?

bottlebrush bushWhat do you know about the bottlebrush bush? If this is a shrub that is not familiar to you – look it up! It sports such fascinating blooms – vibrant red and you will see instantly why its common name is ‘bottlebrush’!

Their proper name is Callistemon. However the ‘bottlebrush bush’ sounds much more fun! A native of Australia, it flowers in early summer and requires full sun and a sheltered position.  You need to grow it in a pot so you can move it to a sheltered spot during our colder months. While you might think this is a lot of bother, the sight of one of these shrubs covered in those bottlebrush shaped red striking flowers makes any effort worthwhile.


Another large shrub or tree that requires similar treatment is the simply beautiful Oleander.With its profusion of the most delicate peachy oleanderpink blooms, it really is a great ornamental tree. Again, it needs full sun and protection from frost.Plant in a sheltered spot. Very suitable for a courtyard garden.