Blooming Baskets

Blooming baskets! It’s time to get those hanging baskets up! Where would we be during the summer months without our hanging baskets? Those cascades of colour adorning our walls and front doors? Also, during the later days of summer it is very often our hanging baskets, planters and pots that provide that extra array of seasonal colour.  

While traditional wire baskets are still very popular, we now have many new materials from which to choose. These include easy care plastic and in more recent years coir, wicker and bamboo. Additionally, we can line our baskets with materials other than moss, which is notorious for rapid moisture loss. A popular choice is pre cut plastic linings as they do help to retain water.  While these may not look very attractive when you first make the basket, it isn’t long before the plants cascade over the sides, hiding it from view.

Add height

When choosing your plants choose a mixture of bushy and trailing varieties to add both height and screening and remember to place slow release fertiliser in the compost. You can also grow strawberries in hanging baskets, and while they may not always be as colourful as the flower baskets, it certainly makes for something different and easy harvesting!