Ask a Garden Designer!

garden designer

Do you ever long to find that little bit of inspiration that will help make your outdoor space into something special?  Why not ask a Garden Designer? Creating a garden that serves both as a functional area for entertaining, relaxing or somewhere for the children to play and as a place that is pleasing to the eye is not always as simple as it might first seem.  Most of us believe it is ‘something anyone can do’ and in some ways, this is true. Many gardens are quite breathtakingly beautiful and  a designer has not set foot inside the garden gate. Mostly, these gardens have evolved over a long time, perhaps even over a couple of decades and are fine for those of us who are happy to potter and experiment at our leisure.

The rest of us poor mortals need a helping – or a designer’s hand! – to obtain quickly and effortlessly, a captivating garden. This is because most of us lead very busy lives and we want someone else to create for us what we don’t have time for ourselves. Furthermore, most of us want a garden with the minimum of maintenance and to achieve the balance between something that is attractive and requires little attention, needs skilful planning. 

Stylish 21st Century Living   

Today, great garden design needs to depict a lifestyle that reflects stylish 21st century living. The trend is for expanding our living areas beyond the four walls of our homes, comes complete with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, elaborate lighting and all weather garden sofas. Did you know that great garden design truly enhances the exterior of our homes and it can add not only value to our properties, it can also greatly increase the chances of a quicker sale. So ask a Garden Designer!