We hope you enjoy our blog because we love gardens and talking about them! The subjects we choose are based on ideas, which we feel you will find useful. This is to help make your the right decisions about what you want for and from your garden.

Happy Gardening

This includes the best plants and flowers and when to plant. As a garden business that has been going for over 45 years there is not much we don’t know about gardens. This knowledge we will share with you through our blog. Perhaps you have been wondering for some while now how you could best utilise the space you have ? We are experts at turning the smallest (and the largest!) gardens into something special! Whether that entails revamping overgrown borders and beds or complete garden makeovers with beautifully laid terraces, entertainment areas, water features and garden buildings for leisure. If there is any subject in this blog you would like advice on please drop us an email and we will respond as soon as we can. Happy gardening!