Autumn Garden

autumn choresSoon the countryside will be ablaze with fiery reds, gold and bronze. And the tender plaintive notes of the garden robin, no longer lost amongst the summer chorus, is distinctively clear. The autumn garden is also upon us.

With nature closing down all around we can be forgiven for believing our work in our gardens has come to an end. Yet in truth, this is one of the busiest times of the year. You need to prepare your garden for the coming winter months and also for next spring.

Tidy Borders

It’s time to tidy your borders, cutting down dead perennials, gather fallen leaves and debris. Also, it is now is a great time to plant young shrubs to give them the dormant days of winter to settle down before the next growing season. At this time of the year the earth is still very warm from the long summer days allowing you to continue planting until the first frosts. This includes your spring bulbs, wallflowers and roses. If you want some help with your autumn garden call our Garden Maintenance Team

Fallen Leaves

Don’t know what to do with all your fallen leaves? If you have a hidden space in a corner of your garden you can make your own compost by placing the leaves under wire netting, or even burying them in a hole to rot down for a couple of years.

Decking and Garden Furniture

Other seasonal chores include the care and maintenance of decking and garden furniture. Rather than leaving it until the spring, treat now to guard it over the harsh winter months and cover your outdoor furniture with protectors, which you can purchase from your local garden centre or Hambrooks of Titchfield

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