Apple and Cherry Blossom time in Hampshire

White Cherry Blossom against Blue SkyIt is apple and cherry blossom time in Hampshire! And all over the UK. From early April to mid May our countryside and gardens are awash with trees covered in pink or white blossoms. Or white blossom tinged with pink. The flowering or ornamental cherries are the most popular. While the hawthorn is one of the earliest blossoming trees and serves well as a specimen tree in the middle of a lawn.
Depending on the variety some blossom trees have scented white flowers such as Crataegus monogyna. ‘Paul’s Scarlett’ has dark pink almost red blossom.The ornamental cherry trees bloom well before we see blossom from the fruit bearing trees.
If you want to plant a blossom tree be sure to check how large it grows. Some are not really suitable for small gardens. One of the flowering cherry trees such as Prunus ‘Accolade’, which bears pale pink semi double flowers is suitable and very pretty.
Apple and cherry blossom time is not here for long. So enjoy while you can, before the blossom litters our lawns and streets with cascades of pink and white confetti! 
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